Overview of LHCb OT Module Components

The detailed list of the OT Module parts can be found in the Engineering Drawings of the type shown below (Assembly Drawings).

1m Module 1m 1/2 Module

In particular, the drawings above refer to a
down-scaled (1m) version of the F Modules, in all other respects indentical to a real detector module .

1m 1/2 Module 1m Module with parts
The function of this 1m Module is, among the others, that of checking the complete assembly procedure of all module parts before proceeding to the production pre-series.
The main parts of a Module are:
  1. Two staggered layers of straw tubes

  2. Two sandwich panels to support the straw tubes and provide the with an outer gas envelope (secondary gas volume)
    • one thick core of light material and two stiffening carbon-fibre "skins"
    • two aluminum inserts to provide the module support in the Station Frames

  3. Two side walls that join the panels along the module length

  4. Two Feed-Through PCBs to provide signal and GND connections

  5. Input and output gas pipes (for straw and secondary gas volumes)

Straw Tubes

Locators & Blocks

Panels & Side Walls

Feed-Through & Board

Gas Pipes

Specific information about each part can also be reached through the module assembly tree:

Module Components