Overview of the LHCb OT Survey


The detailed description of the OT Station Design can be found in the Infrastructure Page and links therein.

OT Overview Bridge Photo

The alignment of the various station components (Bridge, Tables, C-Frames) is of crucial importance and is realized in several, partly recursive, steps.

Installation Photo
Installation Photo
The Bridge supports the C-Frames to which the straw-tube modules are attached. The Bridge support rails (visible in the top photo), together with the guiding rails of the Table (visible in the bottom photo), essentially determine the C-Frames alignment
The main steps in the OT Survey and Alignment are:
  1. Survey of Station Infrastructure at the Producer facility ( Van Halteren Metaal)

  2. Survey of Station Infrastructure in situ at the LHCb Hall (in cooperation with the group)
    • Establishment of coordinate system and tracing of reference lines
    • Survey and adjustment of the OT Support Bridge
    • Survey and adjustment of the OT Support Table
    • Survey and adjustment of the 12 C-Frames after their installation
The overview of the survey data collected during the detector installation can be found at the following link.
C-Frame Survey at NIKHEF

Bridge Load Test at Van Halteren

Survey at Van Halteren

Pillar adjustment at LHCb

Bridge Survey at LHCb

C-Frame T2-Q02-VX