Description Data Analysis Date Comment
Bridge and Table Survey at the constructor facility EDMS 716870 Analysis-Bridge-1.0.doc 31-Mar-2006  
Tracing of reference lines on the bunker EDMS 714922   23-Mar-2006  
EDMS 719563   7-Apr-2006  
Table Survey at CERN EDMS 733968   11-May-2006  
Bridge Survey at CERN EDMS 756237 OT-Alignment-1.9.doc 13-Jul-2006  
T2-Q02-XU Survey EDMS 771336 Survey-OT-T2-Q02.xls 29-Aug-2006   Text Box: OBSOLETE
T2-Q02-VX Survey EDMS 771339 29-Aug-2006  
T1-Q02-VX Survey EDMS 787117 Survey-OT-T1-Q02.xls 20-Oct-2006  
EDMS 792819 3-Nov-2006 Atfer adjustment with spacers
T1-Q02-XU Survey EDMS 792857 3-Nov-2006  
Survey for RASNIK adjustment EDMS 802526   22-Nov-2006  
Position of the Table rail holes on the A and C side EDMS 860333   2-Aug-2007  
Nominal Dowel Pin Position side C Q02-nominal.xls pitch-nominal.xls 8-Jun-2007 Nominal Dowel pin positions (reference for C-frame adjustments )
Nominal Dowel Pin Position side A Q13-nominal.xls 8-Jun-2007
T3-Q02-XU Survey EDMS 865316 T3-XU.xls 6-Aug-2007  
T3-Q13-XU Survey  
T3-Q02-VX Survey EDMS 870088 T3-VX.xls 3-Sep-2007  
T3-Q13-VX Survey  
T2-Q02-XU Survey EDMS 883760 T2-XU.xls 26-Nov-2007  
T2-Q13-XU Survey Nominal Dowel pin positions
T2-Q02-VX Survey T2-VX.xls (reference for C-frame adjustments)
T2-Q13-VX Survey