OT Installation Database

Module Location

The scope of this page is to give access to the detailed information about the location of the OT modules resulting from the installation procedure.

The design of the OT Modules foresees four types of modules: During the module production, serial numbers have been assigned to each module, providing full tracing to the module components, as well as to the production Quality Monitoring and Checks.

During the detector installation, the position of each module in the detector was recorded: click on the drawing below to access the "location" table of each C-frame.

T1-Q02-XU T1-Q02-VX T2-Q02-XU T2-Q02-VX T3-Q02-XU T3-Q02-VX T1-Q13-XU T1-Q13-VX T2-Q13-XU T2-Q13-VX T3-Q13-XU T3-Q13-VX

Given the detector layout, the position of each module in the detector is identified according to the OT naming conventions.
For each position the following information is recorded:
The complete database of the information so far recorded can be found here.