OT HV Distribution

Connections in D3 - Power Supply to PP

The 48 long-distance multi-wire cables (48 = 12 Cframes x 4 cables/Cframe) from the Patch Panels (PP) in the counting house D3 to the C-frames are connected to the HV power supplies by means of two junction boxes, one per detector side, located in the racks D3-D03 ("A" side) and D3-D03 ("C" side). A schematic overview of this routing is shown in the figure below.

Overview of PP, Junction Box, and PS

In practice four HV output units per detector side are connected, via the junction box, to the three patch panels for the three half-stations T1-Q13, T2-Q13 and T3-Q13 (resp. T1-Q02, T2-Q02 and T3-Q02), as shown schematically in the figure below.
HV mapping

The junction box couples the 28-lines multi-pole connectors of the output units of the HV power supplies to the 52-lines input of the HV Patch Panels.

PP Backside Junction Box

The effective mapping between the 28 output channels of each HV output units and the 36 inputs of each patch panels realized through the junction boxes is summarized in the figure below (also available in Autocad .dwg).

HV mapping

The overall mapping of channels from the HV power supplies to the HV Patch Panels taking place as a result of the re-grouping and mapping taking place in the patch panels and in the junction box is shown in its full glory in the figure below (also available in Autocad .dwg).

PP to PS