OT HV Distribution


The nine (9) Front-End boxes of each of the four quarters of a C-Frames are grouped onto a multi-wire (56) cable by means of a "junction box". This is shown schematically for one quadrant in the figure below (also available in Autocad).


The details of the wire assignment on the multi-wire cable are shown in the figure below.


Each multi-wire cable from a junction box is patched in HV section of the C-frame patch panel, as shown in the figure below.


The HV cabling has been done during the C-Frame pre-assembly at NIKHEF; the junction box itself as well as most of the cable length has been stored between the plates of the C-Frame.

Junction Box cabling

Therefore, the HV interface of a C-Frame consists of 4 x (9 x 4) coaxial cables with SHV connectors at the side of the FE boxes and of four (4 = 2 quadrants x 2 layers) HV inputs with four multi-pole connectors on the C-Frame patch panel. The connectors used are the Radiall HV multipin (52) receptacle ( Radiall code 691 803 006, EDH SCEM code