Otis Board




The OTIS Board is located inside the Front-End Electronics of the Outer Tracker Modules and is maily designed to service the bare - unpacked - OTIS chip: it receives 32 Hit outputs from 2 ASDBLR Boards and send the OTIS TDC data to the AUX/GOL Board.




OTIS Board Description: [ doc ]

OTIS Board V2.1 Schematics: Sheet 1 , Sheet 2 , Sheet 3


Other useful links:

OTIS 1.1 Reference Manual (pdf)

Reset Handling (pdf)  Describes the types and the handling of the resets of the chip.

Specification of OTIS-to-ASDblr Interface

OTIS - A TDC chip for the LHCb Outer Tracker (pdf))