OT Experiment Control System (ECS)


The Experiment Control System (ECS) is in charge of the configuration, control, and monitoring of the various components of the online system: data acquisition, trigger and timing ("fast" control), detector control ("slow" control), etc.

The central ECS team provides a framework within which to configure and develop the specific control functions for the sub-detectors, based on a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system called PVSSII.

The hierarchical control architecture of the LHCb ECS and its sub-systems has been implemented with the Finite State Machines (FSM) tool of the "JCOP" Framework.
The FSM splits the sub-detector control systems into control domains within which to configure and develop the detector-specific control functions:
The FSM is hierarchical: each control node has only one parent node from which it receives commands. In the FSM, a control node reacts either to a command from his parent or to a change of state in one of his children. In practice, this means that the FSM either propagates down the operator commands along the control tree or propagates up the change of state of some hardware component, for the appropriate control node to take action.

A schematic view of the OT ECS is shown in the figure below.
Each circle represents a PVSS project, running on a certain host computer in the online cluster.

OT ECS Overview

The list of the OT PVSS projects is given in the table below.
Project Number Project Name Host Name TCP/IP Port Comments
160 OTECS OTECS01    
161 OTDAQFEEA OTDAQA01 160@OTECS01 Control FE Electronics (side A)
162 OTDAQFEEC OTDAQC01 160@OTECS01 Control FE Electronics (side C)
163 OTDAQTELL1A OTDAQA02 160@OTECS01 Control TELL1 Boards (side A)
164 OTDAQTELL1C OTDAQC02 160@OTECS01 Control TELL1 Boards (side C)
165 OTHV OTHV01W 160@OTECS01 Control High Voltage
166 OTDCSLV OTDCSLV01W 160@OTECS01 Control Low Voltage