NIKHEF MDT Read Out Driver

The NIMROD is the prototype interface between the MDT chamber front end electronics and the data acquisition system and second level trigger. It has been used in the L3+Cosmics read out. The inputs run at ATLAS speed, but in this case the output connects to VME, which limits the throughput.
You can get the revised version of the NIMROD description (october 2000 .PDF, 400 kbyte).

In a later stage it was decided to split its functionallity for ATLAS in two parts. The CSM (Chamber Service Module), mounted on the chambers, and the MROD (Muon Read Out Driver), sitting in USA15. The MROD orders the data and sends it to the ROB (Read Out Buffer).

You can go to the NIKHEF L3+Cosmics homepage to learn more about the existing NimRod.
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February 2001