Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors (RD-51) Workshop

Nikhef, Amsterdam, April 16-18 2008

A workshop on micro-pattern gas detectors (MPGDs), including the first collaboration meeting of RD-51, will be held at Nikhef, Amsterdam, from 16th to 18th April 2008.
RD-51 has been initiated at CERN in 2007 to develop MPGDs.

It will be 100 years since Geiger invented the first wire chamber, and the meeting will reflect on the history of gaseous detector technology while looking forward to new frontiers with MPGD, new trackers, state-of-the-art technologies, and the benefits to be gained from Moore's Law.

The meeting will have sessions on technology, micro-electronics, ageing, simulations, and common development (testbeams, standardisation, nomenclature etc.). It will concentrate on the future and avoid status talks about current detectors.

For registration and agenda, please visit the Indico conference web page.

Conference Fee: we ask a contribution of EUR 100 to cover the costs of renting the conference room and audiovisual equipment, the costs of coffee breaks and lunches, and the conference dinner. The fee can be paid at the registration desk in Amsterdam.

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Conference dinner thursday April 17, 20:00 hrs.

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Local Organizing Committee:

Harry van der Graaf (email: )
Els Dekker (Secretary) (email: )
Nigel Hessey
Paul de Jong
Els Koffeman
Jan Timmermans

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