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10.00-10.30 Koffie en Welkom
10.30-11.30 S. de Jong (RU Nijmegen)
Luminous times for the D0 experiment

DO is one of the two detectors at the Tevatron proton-antiproton collider at Fermilab near Chicago, USA. At this moment and for years to come, the Tevatron collider achieves the highest man-made center-of-mass energies between elementary particles. It is a unique place to study the properties of top quarks and weak bosons. It provides the opportunity to measure a number of b-hadron properties that are out of reach for other colliders and experiments. In addition, it is charting unknown territory in the realm of possible extensions of the Standard Model and for the next few years it is the most realistic place for a Higgs to show up. In 2001 the upgraded Tevatron and the upgraded detectors CDF and DO started their second life, after having discovered the top quark in the 90's of the previous century. This second start has been somewhat troublesome, but since a year the performance of the Tevatron and the experiments are well under control and the future looks bright. In this talk a number of recent results from DO will be shown and an outlook for the time until the LHC becomes active will be given.

11.30-12.30 R. Timmermans (KVI)
The search for time reversal violation

Violation of CP invariance was observed in 1964 in neutral kaons, and in recent years in neutral B-mesons. Since on general grounds CPT invariance is expected to hold in a very wide class of theories, CP violation implies T violation. It is of great interest to find direct experimental evidence for T violation. In this talk, I review the experimental efforts to do so, and the theoretical expectations within the Standard Model and speculative extensions thereof. Specifically, I discuss permanent electric dipole moments of particles or atoms as the most promising prospect to discover T violation outside of the Standard Model.

12.30-14.00 Lunch
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15.20-15.50 Thee pauze 
15.50-16.50 Paralel Session check program! 
17.00-18.00 M.J. van der Wiel (TUE)
Ultra-high gradient compact accelerator development

Continued development of lasers with peak powers as high as 100 TW has enabled laser-plasma based acceleration experiments with tremendous gradients of up to 1 TV/m. In order to usefully apply such gradients to 'controlled' acceleration, various hurdles still need to be overcome. The talk describes the state-of-the-art of experiments that have led to acceleration of electrons using TW lasers in plasmas. Progress in plasma waveguiding of TW laserpulses and in injection of electrons is presented. Finally, different routes towards integrated experiments that could lead to controlled laser wakefield acceleration in the foreseeable future are discussed.

18.00-?? Borrel

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