NNV Annual meeting 2018 
Parallel sessions


Timeslot Session 1 Session 2 Session 3

Ruben Jaarsma

Probing New Physics with Rare Leptonic B Meson Decays

Manuela Vecchi

Cosmic ray measurements with AMS-02

Milo Vermeulen

ProtoDUNE: Testing a Swimming Pool for Neutrinos


Peter Tsun Ho Pang

Method for searching for and testing general relativity with supernovae gravitational-wave signals

Broos Vermeulen

An ATLAS dedicated electroweak SUSY soft three lepton search in the compressed low mass region

Igor Kostiuk

Search for long-lived particles decaying hadronically to jets


Timeslot Session 1 Session 2 Session 3

Pepijn Bakker

Model-independent multilepton searches with the ATLAS detector

Kees Ligtenberg

Development of a GridPix readout for a TPC at the International Linear Collider

Fabrizia Canfora

Methods to measure the cosmic-ray composition with the Auger Engineering Radio Array


Zhanna Khabanova

Balance function of non-identified charged particles in pp and Pb-Pb collisions at \(\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 5.02\) TeV with ALICE

Silvia Ferreres Sole

The space-time structure of hadron production in high-energy collisions

Ka Wa Tsang

On the empirical verification of the black hole no-hair conjecture from gravitational-wave observations


Levi Sleegers

Calcium enrichment using molten salt counter-current electromigration

Jordan Seneca

Models of Particle Signatures in KM3NeT ORCA

Jacob Ethier

A Neural Network Approach to Nuclear PDFs


Thomas Meijknecht

Measuring the electron-EDM using a slow, intense and cold beam of BaF molecules

Lennart van Doremalen

B-meson measurements with the upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System

Alvaro Loya Villalpando

Silicon photomultipliers for XAMS: A dual-phase liquid xenon TPC for dark matter direct detection R&D


Timeslot Session 1 Session 2 Session 3

Cristina Sánchez Gras

Central exclusive production of \(J/\psi\) mesons at LHCb

Yongliang Hao

Diatomic Molecules as Probes for Nuclear Anapole Moment Effect

Daniil Ponomarenko

Lepton (non)-universality in W decays


Rasa Muller

KM3NeT hydrophones for relic neutrino detection

Marc de Beurs

The way to new physics through the single top quark

Reza Ramazani Sharifabadi

Deuteron-deuteron scattering below pion-production threshold


Veronica Fabiani

Search for Dark Matter in association with a Higgs boson decaying to bb with the ATLAS detector

Hajar Tavakoli-Zaniani

A comprehensive study of nucleon-deuteron break-up channel

Malika Denis

CP-violating electron electric dipole moment enhancement factor in the BaOH and YbOH molecules