Nikhef account registration

A request for a new account will only be handled if:

Login name

A login name at Nikhef consists of minimal 3 and maximal 8 characters in lower case. The following conventions apply to login names:

  • first initial + family name (i.e. Tom Jones = tjones)
  • first name + first letter of family name (i.e. Tom Jones = tomj)

Possible conflicts with existing accounts will be solved by the CT helpdesk, e.g by proposing tomjon or a similar combination.

Full name

The full name of the account owner must be specified as "Firstname Lastname", both unabbreviated and in standard us-ascii characters.

Group name

Select the primary group for the account. Usually this is name of the department or working group. Special group names are student and misc. The latter can be used in case you do not know what group to select, the helpdesk will propose one.


If the user for whom the account is requested is affiliated with Nikhef, indicate the position, such as staff member, university student, post-doc, and the like. If not, enter the institute of current employment.


The experiration date of the account will be administered by the Nikhef Personnel Department.

Login shell

Select the preferred Linux login shell from the choices in the pop-up menu.


This field should contain the e-mail address of the sponsor of the account. This is also the person who will be notified about the result of handling this account request by the helpdesk. The sponsor should be registered with status employee.

Submit request

After the above fields have been filled in as completely as possible, the request can be submitted by clicking on the button below. The helpdesk will inform the sponsor about the status of the new account as soon as possible.

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