Generic Components of the eScience Infrastructure Ecosystem

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Monday, 29 October 2018
at the 14th IEEE eScience Conference Amsterdam

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At the high energy and cosmic frontiers of physics, the challenges facing us in dealing with measured and reference data sets are two regular twins: size as well as complexity. By combining the quantitative statistics methods of HEP with generic pattern-matching algorithms, machine learning, and the advances in vectorisation that benefit both GPU and massive multi-processor programming, we stand a chance of dealing with the next generation experiments - if we manage the complex task of integrating these generic components in the large existing scientific code base and sustain them for the next decades: as much of a challenge as developing the (very promising) methods and tools in the first place!

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Workshop Programme

Session 1 (09.00 - 10.30): building software as an infrastructure

Session 2 (11.00 - 12.30): building the components

Session 3 (13.30 - 15.00): scaling the services for the next decade

The Generic Components workshop is orgasised by the Nikhef Physics Data Processing group for advanced computing for research.