Instructions for building on Nikhef machines

The documents are rendered with Sphinx which includes support for Markdown (c.q. CommonMark).

Sphinx translates from restructured text and/or markdown into html, epub, pdf and a few others. To add or contribute, go to and sign in using the “Federated login” button at the bottom right of page. Then browse to the repository at, and fork it using the “Fork” button. Then clone your newly forked repository on a Nikhef machine:

$> git clone

To build the site, create a_virtualenv with conda and install the dependencies

$> conda create /project/your_project/your_username/course_venv
$> conda activate /project/your_project/your_username/course_venv
(course_venv) $> conda install pip
(course_venv) $> cd /path/to/computing-course
(course_venv) $> pip install -r requirements.txt

Now you can edit the documentation. Any new files should be added to an index.rst file.

To build the site, and serve it to yourself, use.

(course_venv) $> make html
(course_venv) $> cd _build/html
(course_venv) $> python -m http.server

To then upstream your changes:

  • commit the changes

  • push to the fork on gitlab

  • submit a merge request

See the hsf-training guide on git if you need more information about using git.