06-03-2009 Colloquium by Uli Katz, Erlangen

04 - 03 - 2009

Colloquium by Uli Katz, Erlangen

15:30 at Nikhef in room H331

KM3NeT – towards a km3 scale neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea

KM3NeT is a future research infrastructure in the Mediterranean Sea, hosting a cubic-kilometre scale neutrino telescope and nodes for associated sciences such as marine biology, oceanology and geophysics. After an introduction to the scientific rationale of neutrino telescopy, the status of the KM3NeT project and the progress made in the EU-funded Design Study is reviewed. Some physics studies indicating the sensitivity of the KM3NeT neutrino telescope are highlighted and selected major technical design options to be further pursued are described. Finally, the remaining steps towards construction of KM3NeT will be discussed.