11-05-2012: Colloquium Gijs de Rijk

11 - 05 - 2012

Friday 11 May, 11:00h, at Nikhef in H331

Speaker: Gijs de Rijk (CERN)

Title: The LHC long term upgrade plans and the CERN High Field Magnet program

Over the next 10 years CERN will run the LHC and perform a luminosity upgrade program (HL-LHC). Beyond a 20 year time scale one of the options for a new CERN machine is 16 + 16 TeV proton collider HE-LHC. Development programs for the magnets for the HL-LHC and HE-LHC have started during the last few years. These programs are collaborative efforts between CERN and universities and laboratories in both member and non-member states. I will give an overview of the present LHC run and upgrade plans and the magnet development projects.

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