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afs plugin


lcmaps_afs.mod [ -lifetime <hh[:mm[:ss]]> | -server <server> | -port <port> | -cell <cell> | -setpag | -gsiklog ]


This plugin is an Acquisition and Enforcement Plugin and provides the LCMAPS with afs access. Users must have an accessible afs file syteme somewhere. The plugin can only function when gssklog and gssklogd are installed. Underneath it uses the client program gssklog to get an afs token using the user's proxy. The gssklog client depends on the daemon gssklogd to get the afs token. The daemon must be installed one of the afs servers and hence there is no necessity for it to be installed on the same machine as the gatekeeper or the client side of gssklog. The afs machine must be reachable from the client machine. The gssklogd daemon uses the file /etc/grid-security/afsgrid-mapfile for the DN-to-AFSaccount mapping.


-lifetime \<ticket lifetime in hh[:mm[:ss]]\>

Use this option to specify the maximum lifetime of afs token. gssklog allows a maximum of 720 hours. Defaults to 12 hours.

-server \<afs server\>

Name of the server where gssklogd runs.

-port \<port\>

Port number at which the gssklod daemon runs. Defaults to 750.

-cell \<cell\>

Cell name.




Use GSI interface instead of GSS interface



See bugzilla for known errors (


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