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lcmaps Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
cred_data_sStructure that contains the gathered (local) credentials en VOMS info
lcmaps_account_info_sStructure that contains the local account information gathered by LCMAPS
lcmaps_argument_sStructure representing an LCMAPS plugin run argument
lcmaps_cred_id_sStructure representing an LCMAPS credential
lcmaps_db_entry_sLCMAPS data base element structure
lcmaps_plugindl_sLcmaps plugin module structure
lcmaps_vo_data_sStructure that contains the VO information found in the user's proxy certificate
lcmaps_vo_mapping_sStructure that contains the VO information string (or FQAN) and the local Gid it is mapped to
plugin_sStructure holds a plugin name and its arguments, as well as the line number the plugin is first mentioned
policy_sKeeping track of found policies
record_sStructure is used to keep track of strings and the line they appear on
rule_sStructure keeps track of the state and the true/false braches
var_sStructure keeps track of the variables, their value and the line number they are defined on

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