Quantum Universe symposium in Groningen on March 24th

24 - 03 - 2016 om 09:00 tot 24 - 03 - 2016 om 17:00

The organizers of QU6 cordially invite you for the sixth edition of our annual Quantum Universe symposium, which will take place in the Smitsborg at the Zernike campus on Thursday March 24. This symposium will highlight recent developments at the intersection of astronomy, (astro-)particle physics, cosmology, mathematics and subatomic physics. In particular, the special topic of this year will be the recent developments and extensions of EinsteinĀ“s theory of general relativity, which was discovered 100 years ago. The keynote speakers of this year’s edition include Heino Falcke, Subir Sarkar and Erik Verlinde, in addition to a number of national and local speakers. More information plus registration can be found on the website


On the day before the symposium, Vincent Icke, Aart Heijboer and Subir Sarkar will provide masterclasses specifically aimed at advanced BSc, MSc and PhD students. You have to register separately for these classes, and there is a limited number of places available.

Please register if you are planning to come; we look forward to having you over in Groningen!

The organizing committee,
Peter Barthel, Gerco Onderwater, Elisabetta Pallante, Diederik Roest, Olaf Scholten, Gert Vegter, Rien van de Weijgaert