Colloquium Prof. Antonio Pich (Univ. Valencia)

18 - 11 - 2016 om 11:15 tot 18 - 11 - 2016 om 12:05

This colloquium is part of the “Landelijk Seminarium @ Nikhef/CWI, Z011”

Friday 18 November, 11.15h, at Nikhef/CWI in Z011.

Speaker: Prof. Antonio Pich (Univ. Valencia)

Title: “Theoretical overview of kaon decays“.

Kaon decays are an important testing ground of the electroweak flavour theory. They can provide new signals of CP violation and, perhaps, a window into physics beyond the Standard Model. At the same time, they exhibit an interesting interplay of long-distance QCD effects in flavour-changing transitions. A brief overview is presented, focusing on a few selected topics of particular interest such as the extraction of the Cabibbo angle or the rare K decays into a single pion and neutrinos. The present understanding of the dominant kaon decays into two pions will be compared with results from recent lattice simulations, and the value of the CP-violating ratio epsilon’/epsilon will be discussed.

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