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Dark Matter - XENON1T

In the coming years, Nikhef researchers and their colleagues from fifteen different international universities and research institutes hope to contribute to the answers to the many questions surrounding 'dark matter'. No less than 23% of the matter in our Universe can be grouped under dark matter, but our knowledge of it is limited. To be able to put some of the puzzle pieces together, the researchers will build a scientific set-up in the middle of a mountain.

What is dark matter?
What does the research entail?
How will the researchers know they are dealing with dark matter?
What is Nikhef's contribution to the project?
Why do we want to know this and possible applications of the research

The program leader of Nikhef's XENON1T group is Patrick Decowski

The XENON1T dark matter detection experiment will be installed at the underground Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy. Part of the experiment is the yellow water tank in the middle. XENON1T will be positioned between the already existing ICARUS (left) and WARP (right) experiments.

May 2015 - Read about XENON100/1T in the Nikhef annual report

With the ongoing construction of a new detector, it is an exciting time for the Nikhef direct-detection dark matter group. The Nikhef group was one of the first to install a large subsystem in the XENON1T experimental area in Hall B of the Gran Sasso laboratory (LNGS) in Italy. Meanwhile, XENON100 is still taking data with various calibration sources to further study the performance of this well-running detector and data analysis is ongoing. There was also a local success: the XAMS dual-phase xenon time projection chamber (TPC) that we built at Nikhef over the past two years, saw first signals in May 2014. Read on >>

November 2014 - Donkere materie: Van XENON100 naar XENON1T

Er is veel gaande in de XENON-collaboratie. De afgelopen maanden stonden in het teken van het afleveren van verschillende onderdelen in het ondergrondse Gran Sasso laboratorium in Italiƫ van de upgrade voor XENON100: XENON1T.
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