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Astroparticle Physics

Astronomy observes large structures: our universe. Particle physics studies the smallest building blocks of all matter. Astroparticle physics combines these two extremes.

Our Earth is continuously being bombarded by particles from outer space. A small fraction of these particles was unexpectedly found to carry a lot of energy. To discover where such particles, and the source of their energy, come from, new particle detectors are needed that are suitable for observing neutrinos and protons with a very high energy. That is difficult because the particles concerned are very rare and, moreover, they normally fly unnoticed through detectors.

Nikhef's astroparticle research:

Dark Matter
Cosmics (currently only in Dutch)
Neutrinos (currently only in Dutch)
Gravitational waves

More information:
Download the English brochure on astroparticle physics at Nikhef.

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