Astroparticle Physics

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    Cosmic rays

    Nikhef scientists, together with colleagues from around the world, perform research at the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory, an international observatory for the detection of ultra-high-energy cosmic radiation, located on the plains of western Argentina. They do so to learn more about the nature and origins of this mysterious cosmic radiation.

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    Nikhef researchers study neutrinos, which are neutral subatomic particles that pass straight through the Earth. They did so as part of a collaboration at ANTARES (a neutrino telescope on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea) in France and now in a new international project called KM3NeT.

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    Gravitational waves

    Nikhef is part of a collaboration of five countries to detect gravitational waves using the Virgo detector in Italy. These waves, ripples moving in space-time were detected for the first time in 2015. They reveal completely new information about the Universe.

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    Dark Matter

    Nikhef is part of XENON, a collaboration of 21 universities and research institutes from around the world, aiming to unravel the mystery surrounding dark matter. Although most of the matter in our Universe can be categorized as dark matter, we know remarkably little about it. By means of an underground measurement setup XENON aims to…