Who is the BIC meant for?

The program accepts high-tech entrepreneurs, research groups, techno startups, who want to develop innovative products and services from technologies, originally developed for (astro) particle physics. Having a formal connection with Nikhef or CERN is not conditional for participating in the program.

The CERN BIC @ Nikhef has a permanent ‘call for applications’ that is being evaluated regularly.

Want to participate? Check these criteria:

  • You have an innovative, technology-driven idea or plan;
  • Your business plan is based on technologies from (astro) particle physics. Examples are (without being exhaustive): cooling, detectors, micro-electronics, mechanical design, ICT and high performance computing, vacuum technologies, cryogenics, magnets, superconductivity, RF technology;
  • Your company is based on technology that is developed at CERN or with a direct contribution from CERN;
  • Your technology is important for CERN or comparable labs;
  • Your idea or project will clearly profit from support by experts from CERN;
  • You are a researcher who wants to bring ‘cutting edge’ technology to the market.