NWO VIDI grant for Einstein Telescope researcher Sebastian Steinlechner

1 July 2022

Nikhef-researcher Sebastian Steinlechner at Maastricht University received an NWO-VIDI grant for his work on the laser system used in the proposed Einstein Telescope for the detection of gravitational waves from space. 

The Einstein Telescope uses laser light to precisely monitor the distance between two freely hanging mirrors placed several kilometres apart, to search for traces of gravitational waves that are passing by. The mirrors are made from large silicon crystals and require a specific laser colour for best sensitivity. This research by Dr. Sebastian Steinlechner from the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering (FSE), shows how combining this laser light with another laser colour can control the mirrors to an extremely stable position, letting the Einstein Telescope listen to the faintest waves.

NWO announced one hundred new VIDI-grants this Friday for the amount of 800.000 euro each.

(News from Maastricht University)