Youtube talk about particle physics, CERN and ATLAS by Nikhef researcher Clara Nellist

15 May 2020

Nikhef researcher Dr Clara Nellist gave a 30 minute live talk about particle physics at CERN using the ATLAS detector. After the talk there was a 30 minute question and answer session.

Clara Nellist: “This talk is part of my fundraising efforts for Mermaids, a charity in the UK that supports young gender-diverse people. I am signed up for the Great North Run in September, but given the current situation, I’m not sure if it will be going ahead. In addition, I know that a lot of charities are struggling for funding now with many of their fundraising opportunities cancelled. So I thought this talk would be a fun way to share what we do as particle physicists as a thank you to those who have supported already and perhaps raise a bit more cash for the vital work that Mermaids is doing in the process. Please note that there is no obligation to give, as I know that many people are in difficult financial situations right now.