National Institute for Subatomic Physics

Movies & Animations

  • How cosmic rays help us understand the universe
  • The film called the Mass mystery (Dutch language film from 2006)
  • About Higgs: The Higgs Boson explained
  • The ATLAS film: gives a straightforward explanation about elementary particles and the research at CERN (Dutch language production)
  • The quest for Higgs particle, by Martin Veltman (in Dutch)
  • The Bohr model of the atom (1913), Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (1927) and four other theories in quantum physics are visualised in short films from graphic designer Hellen Schmidt (In German)
  • In the short film Lords of the Ring, enthusiastic scientists give an exclusive underground guided tour at CERN where the particle accelerator LHC is being constructed. (in English)
  • Lectures for high school students during the European Master Class Particle Physics 2008 can be viewed here.
  • The press conference of the LHC start-up event on 10 September 2008 can be viewed here
  • The Fantastic voyage of Nino the neutrino, in Italian with English subtitles.
  • The Max Plank Institute in Germany has produced a number of DVDs that explain the LHC and the German research contribution to this. Watch the trailers for the films.
  • Find out more about ALICE and ATLAS on Youtube 
  • The ATLAS outreach group has released film material about the construction of the ATLAS detector at CERN.
  • Panoramic photos of the CMS detector. 
  • AtlasConstr1.avi; An animation of the construction. [57 Mb] 
  • AtlasConstr2.avi; The webcam in the construction hall, with animations. [55 Mb] 
  • AtlasMovieUK.avi; The ATLAS movie, in English. [157 Mb] 

Brochures & links

Employee of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High-Energy Physics at an ENECTRA measuring instrument at the start of the 60s.
Map of the countries that participate in ASPERA.