National Institute for Subatomic Physics

Book tips

Several book titles are listed below that are interesting for anybody who wants to improve and extend their knowledge of physics. This is just a handful of the ever-growing flow of information dedicated to subatomic physics.

  • Bais, Sander The Equations: Icons of Knowledge 
  • Bais, Sander Very Special Relativity: An Illustrated Guide
  • Bodanis, David Electric universe (well-written history of the electron)
  • Brown, Dan Angels and Demons
  • Feynman, Richard QED
  • Feynman, Richard Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman
  • Gell-Mann, Murray The quark and the Jaguar. Adventures in the Simple and theComplex (A true classic in physics by the Nobel laureat)
  • Green, Brian The fabric of the cosmos
  • Hawkings, Lucy & Stephen George's Secret Key to the Universe (children's book by the great Stephen Hawkings and his daughter)
  • Infinitely CERN, memories from fifty years of research (1954-2004) (zie illustratie)
  • Kaku, M. Hyperspace (Een vlot boek about modern physics)
  • Krauss, L.M. Atom : an odyssey from the Big Bang to life on earth ... and beyond
  • Lederman, Leon The God Particle (Must read!)
  • Lindley, David Boltzmann's atom (gives great insight into a physician's life at the end of the 19th century)
  • McEvoy, J.P. & Oscar Zarate Stephen Hawking for beginners (with loads of illustrations)
  • Ne'eman, Yuval  & Yoram Kirch The particle hunters (Modern physics for VWO 6)
  • Pais, Abraham Inward bound: Of matter and forces in the physical world
  • Pais, Abraham Subtle is the Lord: The science and the life of Albert Einstein
  • Pais, Abraham Niels Bohr's Times: In physics, philosophy, and polity
  • Penrose, Roger The Road to Reality
  • Riordan, Michael The hunting of the quark
  • Smolin, Lee The trouble with physics
  • Veltman, Martinus Facts and mysteries in elementary particle physics
  • Weinberg, Steven The first three minutes: A Modern View Of The Origin Of The Universe (a fascinating account of atoms and everything surrounding them)
Cover Infinitely CERN (2004, uitg. CERN/Editions Suzanne Hurter)