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At the Science Museum I am a physicist at Nikhef working on the LHCb experiment at CERN.
  • My work at LHCb:

    • I was physics coordinator of the LHCb experiment in 2014-15 and operations coordinator for Run 1.

    • I work on the channel Bs→J/ψKS which is (weakly) sensitive to γ and is a control for penguin effects affecting the measurement of β in Bd→J/ψKS.

    • This triggered a collaboration between experimentalists and theorists. See my LHCb page.

    • I was driving the analysis of the electroweak penguin decay Bu → llK, which showed some intriguing deviations from the Standard Model.

    • And more to come...

  • My talks.
  • The comprehensive list of my journal publications.
  • My thesis.
My Belle page

Official Belle web

Until the end of 2003 I was a JSPS Fellow working on the Belle at KEK, Tsukuba, Japan.

I have been working on the inclusive measurement of the b → sγ spectrum, published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 061803 (2004). TOPCITE = 200+. More information.


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